Ranting and Raving to the Sky


You know why I don’t update this blog that much? Because I haven’t been that active in my own religion since I moved to New York. Before I moved here I was part of a large coven and my religion was woven into my everyday life. Literally a day didn’t go by when I didn’t either get together with another coven member or I was writing a ritual or spell. Now a days all I ever do is make daily offerings of incense to my Gods and that’s about it. I haven’t had a ritual since last year and even that was a Druid ritual that I had attended at the local Unitarian Universalist Church. I’ve become too bogged down with everything lately that I just haven’t even tried, I couldn’t even tell you what the Moon phase is right now. 

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Merry Yule


Merry Yule from a frostbitten hell!

Yeah I started to write something on Yule but I ended up doing much of nothing all day. Though I did master Empanada making. Then come Sunday I had dialysis because we are on the special holiday schedule. It wasn’t so bad considering my town has been without power and cable since Saturday night due to the damn ice storm. Ahh the joys of living in the north.

So Yule, yeah, that thing happened. I hope yours was better than mine. I’m more or less just writing to say hello and let you know I haven’t died or anything.

Keep being awesome,
Snow Wolf

Happy Samhain!


Well, it’s Samhain again. How did that happen? I can’t believe it’s been a year already. This Samhain is going to be rough. I have been doing the same thing for Samhain for going on seven years. We would always meet at the same coven members house, usually anyway, and we would always wear costumes and drink like it was the new year. Oh wait, that’s because it is.

This year I will be spending Samhain all by myself. I spent most of the day trying to find some candles for a ritual but I couldn’t find anything at all. I was so pissed. I walked two miles (no I’m not exaggerating) going from the Dollar Store, to Family Dollar, to the Dollar Tree, and Walmart and NOTHING! Don’t people in New York believe in anything other than emergency candles?

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What I Believe


I was sitting in dialysis the other day and I decided to search YouTube for the word Wicca just to see what was there. Oh boy the things I found. A few documentaries, some of them were about Uncle Bucky. There was even a video of a woman who was once Wiccan and now she talks about how evil we are and it even has an “Occult Expert” who goes on and on and about Wicca and then ends up praising the virtues of the “One True God.” After spending nearly the entire treatment watching these videos something kinda hit me. In each and every one they were saying what we Wiccans believe  and in almost everyone I found myself saying “Bullshit, I don’t believe that at all!” Of course then I remembered that we all believe different things even though we all share the same name. So I’ve decided to flesh out some of my basic beliefs and put them here for you to poke at.

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It’s all coming together


So far everything is going well. I signed the lease on the 3rd and I will be moving into an apartment off of the Erie Canal right by the historic Lockport Locks. I guess I will be happy to finally move out of my sister’s house. I love my sister and her family but some alone time is going to be amazing. The only down side is that I’m going to be broke for the next few months, I have to save my money for things like a bed, furniture, and little things that make life easier for my new apartment. 

All and all things are coming together just fine. After a couple of weeks of paperwork and red-tape I am finally getting my social services all worked out and moved over to my new county. I tell ya what, getting one county to bus me over to another county for dialysis was a pain in the ass! I mean come on! I don’t really have a choice here. My dialysis unit is in county A and I live in county B and there is no other Davita Dialysis in county B so I have to go to county A because there is no way in whatever negative afterlife you believe in that I am going to go to anything other than a Davita to get dialyzed! Man, that was a mouth-full.

So anyway Mabon is coming up and since I will now have a lot more time to myself and not have to be the live-in babysitter you will be seeing a lot more posts from me!

Lughnasadh is NOT Lammas


“Portrait of Lugh” by Ingrid ´GrayWolf´ Houwers



“Lammas” by Zoe Maree Zanos

Welcome to my yearly rant! Every year around the middle of July I start hearing Pagans and Wiccans using Lughnasadh and Lammas interchangeably and it makes me soooo mad. Why? Because my patron God is Lugh Lámhfhada and incase you haven’t noticed his name is right there in Lughnasadh. I wonder why that is? Ohh wait that’s right because roughly translated Lughnasadh means “Festival of Lugh”.  

Now before we get into it I am going to provide some basic definitions.

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(I use to know who drew this but I lost that information when the blog died. If you know please tell me so I can credit them.)

So it’s almost a week past Beltaine, bahhh.

I’m not going to explain what Beltaine is, you have Google and this is not a teaching blog.

I was at a belated ritual when I noticed a few things that I feel like ranting about here.

My coven, recently,  likes to invoke an element/ancestors/Gods and then pass a representation around the table while chanting. Usually we chant something that corresponds with whatever was just invoked. When we came to God was all sorta drew a  blank. I mean come on, really? There were ten of us there and not one of us could think of a God chant. We ended up chanting about life and death because that’s all we could think of.

I felt so embarrassed.

So what God chants do you know?

Now for something that ticks me off. Yeah, I know, what doesn’t?

I was the only man out of four men at ritual that was chanting the Goddess chant. Come on, it’s not like it’s going to emasculate you, this is a religion that involves a female deity or 500.


Post your thoughts, comments, and chants in the comments below. Doooo iiittt! You know you want to, or else I’m just talking to myself and that’s just weird. Though I do that all the time in the grocery store. People even follow me around sometimes in the kitchen section to hear my reviews of kitchen items.

Suffering From a Loss


Sorry about not posting for such a long time. Between the holidays, treatment, and life in general I have been out of sorts lately. I have been kind of sullen lately due to a death at the dialysis center. He wasn’t even someone I spoke to but he was part of my world. Every treatment day I would sit in my chair directly across from him on the other side of the room and try to ignore the fact that he was staring over at me. He was a grumpy old man, in fact he was so grumpy I never bothered to get to know him, I simply called him Mr. Grumpy. He was a short man, his buzz cut hair was white with just a little grey left in it, he wore thick black framed glasses with Coke bottle lenses, and he always wore suspenders. Mr Grumpy usually got to the center a little bit before me, this was more so the case because I made it a point not to be in the waiting room with him.  He was always complaining about something, lately it had been about December 21st and how we were all going to witness the rapture. Most often though he would complain about the nurses complaining to him that his fluid gains were far to high between treatments. You see for those of us on dialysis we have to watch how much we drink due to the fact that we have to reply on a machine to pull out any liquid we ingest. If we drink too much and they can’t get us to what they call the dry weight, what you would normally weigh if your kidneys worked, then it can leave fluid around our hearts. This is a horrible thing if it happens too often as it can lead to heart failure. In the case of Mr. Grumpy, that is exactly what happened. He would put so much fluid on that he was going to treatment every single day, except for Sunday of course.

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Moving Things Around

(Source: Cocktail Musings)

Hi there, Snow Wolf here, sitting down to rant and enjoy my new favorite drink called a Brown Derby. The above picture is a far more elegant than the red, 24 oz, plastic Dollar Store cup mine is in. That and I should mention I don’t add honey to mine as is traditional. Any-who, you might have noticed some changes here and there. Nothing that big, just a new web address, new blogging platform, new site layout, oh and a new theme. Other than all of that it’s still the same old drunk me hanging about and ranting away.

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